Cueva Limón – Lemon Cave

News Flash:-  Cueva Limón will be open to guests from April 2022.  

Are you looking for something a little different, somewhere to stay that’s not a hotel or the usual self catering establishment.  Have you thought about a holiday within a cave?

Well…. cave holidays start here at Cueva Limón (Lemon Cave).  These photos will give you a taster to what Cueva Limón is all about.   Click into the indoor and outdoor areas below, to see even more.

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plano cuevaCueva Limón adjoins our own cave complex in the village of Puente Arriba within the Granada province of southern Spain.   All cave houses are unique, and our caves are even more so, as they run all the way through the rocky hill to the other side.   This gives our caves access to the back and front areas.

We are always available for any questions you may have and to give you our recommendations of places to visit within our diverse and beautiful area. 

We do have 3 friendly dogs so suggest that our guests should be comfortable with having dogs come to greet them when they are in the outdoor areas.  Once our boys have said hello they will happily fall fast asleep!

Cueva Limón outdoor areas.197847251_3012150459061492_4277273942173078771_n-1

We have many areas where you can relax, play and enjoy.  You will be spoilt for choice – sunbath with privacy, relax in our brand new wood burning hot tub with a modern twist of jets and bubbles, take it easy as you take in the wonderful views, play table tennis, enjoy a bbq in the back garden ….. the list goes on.

Click here to view the outdoor areas at Cueva Limòn.

Cueva Limón interior rooms.

Caves are unique. The temperature outside may be 30 degrees plus but generally caves stay at a comfortable117715740_741945846567730_7460653169586979549_n

18-21 degrees – no aircon units needed here.   If, during the winter months, the outside temperatures drop then we have logs available for you to use in the log burner.   Caves are also famous for giving you a better quality of sleep as the bedrooms are quiet and dark, giving you an uninterrupted and restful night.   

Click here to view the interior areas at Cueva Limón.

Cave life is for us – come and try it for yourself.    Join us and our three adorable dogs at Cueva Limón (Lemon Cave).