Cueva Limon – Lemon Cave

Are you looking for a holiday to remember, something different away from hotels and the norm.  Have you thought about a holiday in a cave?  Well…. cave holidays start here.

Cueva Limón – Cave living. Click here to take a look around this lovely cave house and the land that surround it.

Cave life is different, weird in a good way and far from the norm.  But, once you have slept in a cave you will return again and again.  In fact, you could become a cave owner like us!

Why stay in a cave?  There are many reasons and some are more important than others to different people. You tend to have a better quality sleep.  The bedrooms are so dark and quiet your sleep is interrupted and restful.  The temperature outside may be 30 degrees plus but caves stay at a comfortable 18-21 degrees.  During the winter months the opposite can be true.  When the outside temperatures drop it is good to walk into the warmer cave rooms especial if you have help from the wood burner during the exceptional cold nights.

Cave life is for us – come and try it for yourself.    Join us and our three adorable dogs at Cueva Limon (Lemon Cave).

Cueva Limón Interior.– Take a look around inside this special cave home.

Cueva Limon – Outdoor areas. – Take a wander around the many outdoor areas just waiting for you.

Places to visit near to Cueva Limon– There is something for everyone within a short distance from Cueva Limon.

Contact – Get in touch if you have a question or need more information.

Prices – This is our first year within the holiday market.  The cave is fresh, newly refurbed and waiting to be enjoyed hence we have set our prices at an exceptionally low rate for such a large & well equipped cave holiday.

Availability – If you cannot see your ideal date please get in touch – we may have another idea for you.