Frequently Asked Questions

How far are the shops and bars from Cueva Limón?

There is a local shop within a few minutes walk but it is small and only has the basics but… it may just serve its purpose.  Other larger shops can be found in Benamaurel which is a 10 minute drive and Baza where you find the larger supermarkets like Lidls and Mercadona etc which is about 20 minutes drive.

We have a bar just around the corner which is used by the local people and has a good atmosphere as the locals start to gather.  However, 2.5 km drive you will find Emilios Bar and Restaurant which we highly recommend.  More bars and eating houses can be found in Benamaurel and Castillejar (where you will find the lovely Harley Bar) which are around 10 minutes away by car.

Where is the nearest Swimming Pool (lago)?

Most villages have a lago that open during the months of July and August.  Our closest lago is in Los Olivos and is the best in the area.  It has a lovely bar/restaurant in the ground which is actually open all year round.  It costs €2 to enter the pool area and is well worth every cent.

Do you supply all bedding and towels?

We supply all your bedding and towels for your stay.  We do use duvets, but if you prefer blankets, we have those too.

Do you have full wifi?

We have a good wifi signal which you can recieve all through the cave house.

How far is the nearest beach?

There are several beaches you could travel too – timewise I would say 1 hour 10 minutes to 1 hour 30.  However, we do have lots of lakes not far from us and one particular has it’s own beach area and water sports in the main season.

Why did you choose to live in a cave?

Well…. that’s a long story.  If you are interesting in finding out please take a look at my blog which I use to keep family and friends up to date with our lives here in Spain.   It’s been an exciting 3 years and we would never go back.  We absolutely love cave living – cool in the summer and warmer in the winter (with the help of log burners on the colder days during winter).

I would like to know more about cave living?

Get in touch and we will try to answer you questions as fully and honestly as we can.  If we don’t know we will know someone that does.  Every cave is different and every cave has its problems but so do traditional houses. x