How far are the shops and bars from Cueva Limón?

There is a local shop within 2 minutes walk  It has a good stock of goods for the local people.  Other larger shops can be found in Benamaurel, 10 minute drive, and Baza where you find the larger supermarkets Lidls, Consums and Mercadona which are about 20 minutes drive.

3 JJJs bar, which is used by the local people, serves a good Spanish and English breakfast and menu of the day meals for a good price.  Other bars can be found in Benamaurel and Castillejar which are both 10 minutes away by car.

Where is the nearest Swimming Pool (lago)?

Each village has its own lago.  We are lucky to have one of the best lagos in the area within 8 minutes drive away and it is open during the months of July and August.  There is also a lovely bar/restaurant within the grounds.  Benamaurel also has a popular swimming pool open during July and August.

Do you supply all bedding and towels?

We do supply all bed linen and towels for the duration of your stay.  We do use duvets on the beds, but if you prefer blankets, we have those too.

Do you have full wifi?

We have good wifi reception throughout the cave house.

What are your dogs like?

IMG_7428We have Charlie who is 11 years old and was a rescue from Cyprus.  His mission in life is to clean everyone he comes into contact with.  He loves company and loves having people around.  We think he is a retriever X.

IMG_20200503_101541Then we have Barney who is 10 years old and a rescue from Cyprus.  He had a terrible time as a young pup and came close to not surviving his first 6 months of life but… survive he did.  He has no hips and is a ‘little’ overweight but he is loved and he knows it. He will happily fall asleep with his head on your feet.  He is a lemon pointer X

IMG_9742Lastly we have Alfie who is 3 years old and a rescue from Spain.  He is a gentle giant of a dog with a deep bark.  He will bark for the first few minutes of your arrival but once he knows that you belong here he is quiet and will come to you for a hug.  He is a Spanish Mastin but we personally think he is a polar bear disguised as a dog.

Why can’t I bring my own dog?

As explained, we have three dogs here at Cueva Limon.  Although they do enjoy a visit from friends dogs, we cannot guarantee that all other pets will be made welcome.  We would be upset to find that your lovely pet is made to feel unwelcome.

Why should guests be 16 or over?

The area is not set up for younger children.  It is a quieter and more relaxing place to be enjoyed by people who want to relax and rewind whilst away from home.

How far is the nearest beach?

There a a few good beaches heading south and south west from here that are about 1 hour 10 to 1 hour 20 drive away.  However, we do have a number of great lakes for swimming and enjoying picnics – Lake Negratin has its own beach area with a great restaurant to sit and admire the views.

Why did you choose to live in a cave?

3C015BB7-1B01-40CA-96BB-20B4B37CF920Well…. that’s a long story.  We began our love of caves when we fell in love with a totally unreformed cave.  Our love affair carried on from there. If you are interesting please take a look at my blog http://www.makingdreams.me which I use to keep family and friends up to date with our lives here in Spain.   It’s been an exciting 3 years and we would never go back.  We absolutely love cave living.

I would like to know more about cave living?

Get in touch and we will try to answer you questions as fully and honestly as we can.  If we don’t know we will know someone that does.  Every cave is different and every cave has its problems but so do traditional houses. x