Making Dreams – how it all started!

Our Caveland dream began when we decided to look at Spain as being our forever home. After many internet searches and tours around the South of Spain, I came across caves.

I had never heard of cave living. It was an interesting concept and as soon as I started to look, well, I was hooked. Our first cave purchase was a total hole in the hill as shown in the first picture below. However, as we had sold our properties in Cyprus we need somewhere to move into as soon as possible. I came across a huge cave in Puente Arriba which was just perfect. Our idea was to live in this particular cave until we could reform and complete our first dream cave and then rent our second cave as a holiday let. However, plans change don’t they. I fell in love with our large cave in Puente Arriba and as it has 18 rooms we decided to separate the caves into two dwellings. We live in one and the other is now a holiday rental.

Please take a look at to find out more of our journey during the 3 years we have been in Spain. From our first unreformed cave to our beautiful forever home, we have had many stories to tell.